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If you are just starting your credit history, or if you have a bad credit rating title on your credit history report, then you may need a bad credit card. In such a situation, a secured credit card is the most helpful in improving your credit rating. To get a secured bad credit card, you would need to create and maintain a savings account.

Before applying for the card, you must find out the total fees, and also find out whether it would be refunded or not if the bad credit card is denied. The most common example of a secured card is a debit card.

With a secured bad credit card, the cardholder deposits a fixed amount of money, ranging from $500 to $1000, in his or her account with the card holding company. When any purchase is made, then the cardholder draws money from this account. Since the credit card company is not required to supply any of the funds for any of the transactions made, they do not face any risk. You need to keep on depositing funds periodically in the account so as to continue using your secured bad credit card.

Secured bad credit cards are usually easier to obtain because you supply the capital that you will be charging against. Though the process of a secured card is simpler, it is costlier when the fee is included. Thus, sometimes, an unsecured bad credit card is more convenient. However, unsecured bad credit cards are offered only to the borrowers with a good credit history, and a reliable employment.

You should apply for a bad credit card from the smaller retail stores because they are more willing to give you a chance. You should not keep more than three bad credit cards to avoid overspending..


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