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Believe it or not, cash advances arenít just simple loans that have a small bit of interest added onto them. If you handle a cash advance loan without care, then you will end up regretting it for a long time. You should therefore tread with caution, as these fees that are attached to cash advances are not mentioned in percentages or amounts. If you take out a large loan, you might have to pay about five percent of it as interest, and the more loans you have the more interest you will have to pay.

A cash advance may start off nicely with you getting the extra cash, but then you have to start paying it back. At first, the repayment process may all be going smoothly -- the small payments not causing too much of a problem for your pay check. Then you may have one too many bills come in at once and you think "oh, maybe if I miss one payment then Iíll be fine," but you would be wrong. Missing one payment from a cash advance is the worst thing that you can do because that is where the trouble starts.

If you miss payments four or five times, then you may end up paying interest equivalent to the amount which you borrowed in the first place. You need to evaluate the urgency of your financial needs before you find yourself having to file for bankruptcy because of lack of financial control.

In order to minimize this risk, you should talk to a financial advisor as they can help you find the right course of action, which best suits your current financial situation. Donít be afraid to ask for help, it can make a huge difference between having and not having any money. Remember, cash advances should be used wisely regardless og your current financial situation.