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The reality of a cash advance is that you can get cash into your bank account or into your hands quickly and easily, but because the company that gives you the cash advance may have a "no credit check" policy, they won't know you may already be in too much financial trouble to pay them back.

Cash advances are a great thing to have, especially if you know that you can meet the repayments and not lose yourself in the middle of the cycle. For people who are seriously in financial trouble and need some help, then cash advances are the perfect tool for them to have, but if you know that you can't keep up with the repayments, then you can still be accepted for the advance. But because of the "no credit check" policy, this can be the trouble maker for you.

You must take a cash advance seriously: sit down and ask yourself whether or not you really need money or whether you want money to buy things you don't need. Is this the right course of action for you? Remember: if you can make the monthly repayments, then it should be no problem for you to take out a cash advance; otherwise it really isn't for you.

Once you have received your cash advance, it is also important that you budget this money responsibly. If you don't need to spend the entire amount, then save it to use it for repayment. Don't simply spend that extra $500 because you now have it. If you need to take a cash advance to cover your expenses, then you are probably not the type of financial situation where you can afford to spend more money on "wants."

If a cash advance will bail you out of a desperate short term situation, you should take it; but if your financial life consists of desperate short term situations, you should first focus on your budget and then consider cash advances.